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Since 1949, a specialist in steel and mechanical engineering Steel & Mechanical Engineering Passion Technology

Steel is in our DNA

Designing (complex) steel and movable constructions is in our DNA. We began with this in 1949 and have since then extensively expanded our specialism. Our specialist knowledge of steel and mechanical engineering is what makes Iv so unique. While many other engineering companies concentrated on consultancy during the economic crisis, Iv retained its focus on the actual technology. This is what led us to the high level of knowledge of steel and mechanical engineering that we have today and we are constantly developing and building our expertise. Our strength lies in the design of complex steel and mechanical constructions for virtually all sectors and areas of application. From a special movable bridge to new offshore concepts or gigantic Ferris wheels, if it’s to do with steelwork, we can convert an almost technically impossible problem into a feasible design.

As long as it's to do with special steel

The Rotating Tower, the lock gates of the Panama Canal and the enormous container cranes at Maasvlakte 2. These are examples of impressive projects whereby the technique is so complex, the solution cannot be achieved with only clever calculations and drawings. Not all engineering companies with steel and mechanical engineering knowledge can take on such projects. At Iv, this is our greatest strength and it fills us with excitement when we are challenged by technically complicated projects like these.

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