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Spatial Measurement Techniques & Monitoring Spatial Measurement Techniques & Monitoring 3D-laserscanning GIS

Exact information with the highest possible accuracy

Exact spatial information with the highest possible accuracy is essential for many projects, whether it concerns minimising environmental nuisance during construction work, geographically mapping areas or measuring the current as-is situation of objects. From bridges and buildings to offshore platforms and ships, the possible areas of application of spatial measurement and monitoring are endless. Iv is widely deployable for services such as 3D laser scanning, construction supervision, borings, above-ground and below-ground monitoring and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Our 3D scan car which we developed ourselves is one of our most extraordinary assets. With this, we can map roads, (business) sites and residential areas with great accuracy and completeness without causing traffic disruption.
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D2605D5B-18C7-4314-ACCB-29BA3C99A8E4Created with sketchtool.
D2605D5B-18C7-4314-ACCB-29BA3C99A8E4Created with sketchtool.