Logistics engineering

Possessing the right kind of high-end knowledge is a key success factor for organising logistical flows efficiently in your company or project –whether it's about anything from general cargo to a building site, or from bulk goods to people.

Iv-Groep has a multidisciplinary team of experts who specialise in devising innovative solutions for logistical problems. We will guide you from the start to the optimum approach if you are expanding, putting up new buildings, or want to optimise your operations through simulation.
Our Logistics Engineering team operates across four sectors:
  • storage and transhipment in port-related processes and in processing industries, including containers, pallets, bulk goods, mixed cargo and liquid products;
  • internal logistics: optimisation of existing processes or of new-build projects, including plant layout and routing, internal transport, warehousing and production;
  • people logistics: using Flexsim simulation software, we will identify and analyse  the movement streams of vehicles and people beforehand so as to give you tailor-made advice;
  • construction logistics: optimum logistics in the building industry enhances the speed and quality of construction and limits inconvenience for local residents and the impact on the environment.

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