Contract Management

Contract management is a term that covers all activities necessary to formulate, draw up, sign and check contracts in order to keep them in tune with wishes, needs and arrangements. Iv-Groep prepares specifications and contracts, produces technical designs and conducts audits and inspections. By means of a solid contract and the right quality procedure, we make sure that our clients' wishes are fulfilled.
Characteristic features of our working method include a structured approach and the integration of systems engineering, contract management, risk management, quality management and technical know-how. We possess the knowledge of a variety of different types of contracts and have experience working for both commissioning clients and contractors.

Structured step-by-step plan
Thanks to our many years of experience, our approach has become increasingly structured and has resulted in a thorough step-by-step plan. We will start by sitting down with you to formulate the objectives and wishes for the project. The objectives will be instrumental in choosing the type of contract and organisation, the call for tender procedures and criteria for the most economically favourable bid. We will take into account the knowledge, wishes and experience of your organisation and other stakeholders. Integration with technology, interfacing management and risk management assures that the right matters receive attention in the contract or specification.
As part of the preparations we will formulate requirements so as to clearly define all your wishes and conditions. We can use the requirements to produce and verify an initial sketch design. This approach allows the proper weighing up of the merits of different variants. After working out the selection, contract award and contractual documents, we will approach the market together and take care of the entire call for tenders all the way through to awarding the contract.

Overseeing the contract
After it has been awarded, we will manage the contract using traditional supervision or by means of Systematic Contract Management (SCM). In this phase with us as your partner, Iv-Groep will assume the role necessary to make the right decisions within the available time and assure the progress of the project.

Quality management and systems engineering
Our approach is distinctive because of our integration of quality management and systems engineering, if desired in all phases of the project. Whereas systems engineering traditionally addresses the engineering side and quality management the process, we have integrated the two methodologies. We go through the Deming circle in every phase. The result is a total and continuous quality process during preparation, the call for tenders and the performance of the agreed work.

Iv-Groep has specifically trained and experienced experts in the field of systems engineering. Iv-Groep also has its own SE tool, SERVe®Online. Using this, relations between objects, activities, (contract) requirements, permits and risks can be easily recorded. With this tool, Iv-Groep offers a practical solution for effective management of all processes and information flows within a project.


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