Iv tackles Swedish puzzle

Iv tackles Swedish puzzle July 2017 - The Södertälje lock in the Södertälje Canal (Built in 1819 and completely renovated in 1924) is the youngest lock in Sweden to be renewed and will be done so without interrupting marine traffic. The lock in the Södertälje Canal is situated between Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea. The project consists of the extension and widening of the lock chambers, the construction of two new lock heads and lock gates plus a new bascule bridge. The client is the Swedish Maritim administration and the project is performed by Züblin Scandinavia AB in partnering with the client.

Special lock gate with a special construction method
As requested by the client, a special type of lock gate will be used: a segment gate made of duplex steel (a type of stainless steel). This type of gate is seldom used for locks in The Netherlands. The door is partly circular, rotates around a horizontal axis and is also used for the levelling of the chamber. In addition, the gate can hold water in both directions. Another unique feature of this project is that the lock heads will be built at the side of the existing canal, after which they will be moved to their final position as complete structures. As a result, the canal can remain available for shipping as long as possible during construction.

Expert in locks
Iv-Infra has varied expertise in the field of locks and was approached by MH Poly to form a joint venture under the name of S3P. The joint venture will further develop the lock heads, moving operation and lock gates together with the bascule abutment. Recently, Iv-Infra has completed the design  of the lock gates of the new Panama Canal and provided support during construction and commissioning. Iv-Infra is also involved with the new sea lock in IJmuiden. Rob van Bodegraven, Director of Iv-Infra, prides himself on yet another beautiful international lock system project. ‘We have been working for many years with different types of lock systems both in The Netherlands and abroad. This project is another great challenge, which we look forward to undertaking together with MH Poly.’

Mälaren Project
The current lock in the Södertälje Canal was built in 1819 and has a chamber length of 135 metres and a width of 20 metres. Based on permitted ship dimensions, the lock is the largest lock in Scandinavia. The differential head of the current lock is 78 centimetres under normal conditions and 2.26 metres (including waves) under extreme conditions. The construction of a new lock is necessary to meet the growing volume of marine traffic. Over the years, not only the amount of shipping has increased but also the size of the seagoing vessels. The new lock will have a width of 25.3 metres and a length of 170 metres. The renewal of the lock is part of the large-scale Mälaren Project and serves as a pilot for the renewal of other locks in Sweden.

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