Buildings & Installations

The economic tide and lacklustre growth forecasts are shifting the focus away from new-builds and towards optimisation of the existing building stock. The market is looking for replacement rather than expansion of existing accommodation. There is also a growing demand for making buildings sustainable. The biggest challenge in today's market is to reuse existing buildings and installations. To do this, it is necessary to adopt an integral approach. Iv-Groep’s strength is that it possesses all the specialised engineering knowledge of construction engineering, structures and technical installations necessary in-house to put forward bespoke sustainable solutions. At Iv-Groep we are also familiar with the requirements of investors, managers and users in the world of commercial and social real estate. A special market in which we operate is the market for data centres. Iv-Groep has years of experience in making data centres sustainable. Iv-Groep provides services during all stages of a project, starting from the study phase and going all the way through to construction and operation.