About Iv-Groep

Iv-Groep is a consulting and engineering company that operates worldwide. With a staff of around 1000 professionals, we offer multidisciplinary service packages in key markets –  Buildings & Installations, Industry, Infrastructure & Ports, Maritime, Oil & Gas, Special structures & equipment and Water.

Our Passion for Technology, which translates into innovative and sustainable solutions, makes Iv-Groep the ideal partner for projects of any size and complexity. From concept to management, Iv-Groep is knowledge-driven and market-leading.

Iv-Groep is a leading engineering company which strives to make a major contribution to its clients' success, even exceeding their expectations whenever possible. With a Passion for Technology, Iv-Groep focuses on complex and comprehensive projects where the technical challenges are great.

Iv-Groep endeavours to translate the wishes and requirements of its clients into expert and innovative solutions. Stable, long-term client relationships based on mutual respect and trust are important to us. Our distinguishing features are the quality of the work we deliver, flexibility, our fulfilment of promises in the widest sense of the word, and our insight into our clients' problems.

Thanks to sustained and profitable growth, Iv-Groep is in a position to continue developing as a company and to invest in its employees. In this way, Iv-Groep manages to retain the loyalty of its high-grade professionals and give substance to our attempt to realise innovations and improvements.